As of now, and since I’m short on time at the moment, let’s just say I like technology and I intend to share my feeling about it with the world.

In 2005 I got my first touch screen phone. It was an Qtek 9090, or a BlueAngel, and I loved it. I was overwhelmed by the possibilities. I started testing and configuring it as much as I could. It was an all different world back them (just 5 years ago, can you imagine?). My first backslash was the windows mobile 2003 today screen. Out of the box the screen was flawed at least. We didn’t had a battery icon, weather information, shortcuts to used applications, etc, etc. Luckily for us there where two great companies that provide great addons for the today screen. They where Omega One and SPB software house, latter on we started having releases from Resco

I’ve decided to create a diferent page for each of my gadgets presenting the links here for the order they entered my life. As I wrote earlier, my first touch screen cell phone was the BlueAngel, but it was not, by a longshot, my first gadget. But the other are so old that many of you don’t even remember a time when they existed 🙂

But no more nostalgia here (bad for the mood) and here’s the list

2005 – HTC BlueAngel (or Qtek 9090)

2006 – HTC Prophet (or Qtek s200) (for my girlfriend)

2007 – Sony psp 1000

2008 – My first dual-sim cell phone the Samsung D780

2009 – Asus EEE pc 901 (best buy ever, and my back really appreciated the change from laptop to netbook)

2009 – HTC MyTouch 3G – Android phone 🙂 Great buy, but terrible on the productivity side you can check my attempted review here

2010 – Samsung Omnia 2 I8000 – Building a review for it, but so far it’s a 8/10 buy 🙂

I’ll add the links to the other pages later, maybe on the weekend. Thanks for reading and remember to help build a better world: “If you can’t love those that live with you, how can you hope to love the ones you don’t even know?” (by me)

to be completed latter 🙂