Hi my fellow blogger and followers. After over 5 years of being on WordPress, I’ve decided to move this blog to a proper domain, http://www.dr3amcast3r.com and to a hosted server space. There’s already a Facebook fan page, but it’s quite empty so far. Soon there will be a youtube channel and a twitter channel.

The blog itself will also have to change in target. While the main theme is still my reviews on stuff, I’ll broaden the subjects of the reviews. It will future lot’s of a games reviews, mostly from my Steam and GOG backlog, some PlayStation games, since I own a PSP, a ps2, a ps vita and a ps3, specific hardware and services.

I will also begin a series of “how-to” articles to share my experience, some guides for games.

There is a companion website that I also invite you to visit that is for my own creations. http://www.dreamcasterstudio.com is my baby project. It’s main purpose is to share what I envision with the world as well as some creations. I’m currently taking some courses at udemy.com (not yet an affiliate, not yet) and as my theoretical knowledge grows, Dreamcaster Studio will be the place where I’ll share the practical application of that knowledge. That project already has a Facebook fan page that has some stuff on it, check it out, please.

That’s all for now. I’ll continue to update this site, but mainly to point to the full posts on the main site.

Cheers and thanks for putting up with me for all this time

Francisco Ribeiro