Just two days ago I’ve got one of the less welcome e-mail type ever. A service I use and like is shutting down. Saturday morning I’ve got an e-mail from Springpad telling me that they are shutting down the service on June 25th. I’ve started using Springpad even before I was using Evernote. Springpad was perfect for me.
Great management interface, ability to add stuff I want buy and get a price list for that product… and so on. The perfect personal assistance.
As far as I can remember, Springpad is just one more on long list of services I’ve used and are now lost.
The first one to go was Posterous. One of the best group-blogging services I’ve used. Never had a replacement quite match it.
Then there was one that specialise in saving videos for later. You would simply add the video to the list, and the service would download/convert the video to your android device. Very useful service. Dead now.
Catch, previously 3bananas was the third I remember. This was the first note taking/note syncing service I used. I started using it on 2006 when I got my HTC MyTouch3G and use it all the way to it’s end.
And now Springpad.
The guys at Springpad where nice enough to provide us a easy exportation tool for Evernote that I have already used and my notes were transfered quite well. but I haven’t had time to check them all.
To conclude, I’m very sad for another great service to die, but I have to think that web-ecosystem is just like this. I hope the good people at Springpad that are not assimilated by Google get a good job quickly and Thanks to all for the great service you provided for so long!
/takes hat off