In the last post I’ve talked about a money saving app, today I want to bring to you a time savng  app for android tablets.
I’ve found this app last week while I was searching for an app to help me in Math.
Stylus Beta allows you to use your finger or stylus as a real pen on a real notebook. It supports language dictionaries, auto correction, correction of miss spelled words on wrongly recognized words, special characters (for example @ and &) and numbers ( 1 2 3…).
The is so good that I wrote this entire text using it and stylus pen (adonit jot pro).
Of course if you happen to have an android tablet with a keyboard, the keyboard can be faster, but if not, or you want to take notes from a lecture than this is the app you need
However keep in mind that this is still a beta app so bugs and problems are to be expected.
Play store link

Technical information
Written on a TF101 Eeepad, on Word press application (v. 2.5.1), input method: MyScript Stylus (Beta) (v. 3.2.11.m0.3) and adonit jot pro stylus.