Today I and the rest of the world received a very sad news. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away.

I write this post with mixed emotions. In one hand I always disliked Apple’s policy about the restriction they put on their devices, but I have to admit that Steve Jobs revolutionize the way the end-user deals with gadgets.

As the result of his inventions we have the generalize usage off smartphones, the highly evolving tablet market and even the top of the line systems for graphic design and audio&video editing, the Mac OS.

I would like to say another think about this exceptional man. Pancreas cancer is one of the most painful, and I’ve never saw him complain or with a painful expression. For me that was a lesson in how to live well our suffering.

For all you’ve given to our World and for the lessons you taught us,

Thank you mister Steve Jobs!! May you have the peace you deserve.

A picture someone send me that reflects the genius of this man.