After several months of complete inactivity, I’m back!

Great changes on the wordpress dashboard (I’ll address them later this week).

The reason I’m back are two. First and foremost, after almost 9 month working a laptop with a broken lcd and a malfunction VGA port (that a gave pinkish look to my Desktop when seeing it on an external monitor) I finally manage to repair my Asus F3sv-Z53s (the one with the BSOD). It’s graphic card died and after all this months I manage to find a shop (of trust) to repair it, so here I am, back at my Asus. Another sad news for me is that my EEE pc died, the motherboard fried up so I’m without a netbook. Going to wait a few more months (probably until Black-Friday) to see what’s coming up next.

I’ve also start to learn how to code for Android and Java™ and it’s proving to be a very educative experience. You can follow my progress (if you do not have anything better to do in life that is) trough this link (livejournal).

My Android phone (mytouch 3g) which I love is giving it’s dying breaths. It’s “quite” old by now, with 4 years of dedicated service to my person. I think I might replace him sooner or latter.

I hope you’re as happy for my return as I am.

Be well!

Francisco Ribeiro