Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from wordpress telling me I had to review several comments. I came in to check on them and I was presented with more than twenty comments for approval… Great I think. Until I started to read them. most where in Russian. I don’t read Russian. Some where some days old (had seems those already) but most of them where new (around a few hours new). So I had to pass them through Google translator (most if not all are badly translated). Paste the translation in the comment and approve them.

But, my friends, in the future please comment in English, avoid posting links in the comments because I’ll most likely delete those links (I won’t if I have time to check them in Linux).

There will be a new page with guidelines for comments, but for now, stick with this two:

  1. Post in English (makes my life a lot easier)
  2. Avoid posting links