So here’s my first review on technology. For a kick off I decide to use a rom for my HTC prophet that I’ve been using for some weeks now.

The rom works great on the phone and the installation is super easy, specially if you already have an engineering SPL (which was my case). The zip file that contains the rom also comes with the installer. And you must have active sync (or Vista equivalent) installed on you pc.

The installation is quick and very simple, just follow the instructions on the pc screen and keep pushing next. After you installed the rom, the phone is good to go. The only backslash is the wi-fi. I was unable to activated out-of-the-box but after I installed the HTC Network wizard (also available on xda) the wi-fi started working perfectly.

After a clean install I got 60MB of free memory, which is great for installing some more app or games. The rom is stable and fast.

Final verdict on the Rom: 9/10

pros: easy to install thanks to the install tool that comes in the zip; stability, fast rom, you can get a taste of windows mobile 6.5 on your old HTC Prophet

cons: wi-fi need’s extra file to work (maybe it’s not the dev’s fault); no Manila (have been trying to work that one out)


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